When the pressure drops, so do I.

How do you feel during storms?

Many people with chronic illness or other illnesses don’t do well when the storms hit.

Call us human barometers because boy can we detect pressure systems. Intense pressure throughout body, like a storm is brewing inside us. Tightness in chest, pain and aches- low blood pressure. In fact I’m experiencing all of these while writing now (its been storming off and on for 3 days.)

All we can do is wait it out, while trying not to hit the floor. But isn’t there one thing we can do to at least help relieve symptoms?

Barometric pressure and illness studies suggests there is increased sickness and symptoms of existing chronic illnesses, especially symptoms regarding joint pain, and circulation. 

As obvious as it may sound this earth affects us more than we think- the ground, the things living and growing in it. Look at our plants, it always amazes me how certain plants look like the organ they can help regulate. The earth has so many secrets that could help us live, yet we, as a whole take such bad care of it.

These recurring storms are influenced by the pollution on this earth-global warming that’s sped up because of how we are treating this world.

According to National geographic the gas most responsible for global warming is carbon dioxide. (CO2)
  1.  Essential oils for headaches- Peppermint helps almost instantly but it has to be the high concentrate stuff NOT artificial. I Recommend Spirit of the boreal brand.
  2.  Humidifier– Humidity can play a huge role in how you feel, its night and day for me.
  3. Anti-inflammatories- For helping with aches and pains in joints.
  4. Stay hydrated- Drink lots of water (but be carful not to overdrink because it can have the opposite effect) * pickles help to stay hydrated and keep blood pressure up.
  5. Move- As difficult as this is, getting your blood flowing during low-pressure days is essential. Even  just shaking your legs out every hour can help a lot.

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